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New Land-Based Learning Program Rolling Out this Fall

The newest project on the horizon for Canteen Destiny is based on a successful program running in California, from the Center for Land Based Learning. We will be running a test pilot program with a local high school, in accordance with the Ontario Local Food act. We plan to supply teens with an on-farm experience through farm tours, field days, and workshops.

We hope to bring youth from diverse cultural backgrounds together to help increase consumer awareness and education as well as improve access to local food through our initiatives. Our goals are as follows:

Global awareness: collaboratively working with individuals representing diverse cultures

Health Literacy: Education about healthy food and nutrition and appropriating those choices

Civic Literacy: Understanding the local and global implication of consumer choices

Environmental Literacy: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the environment. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of society’s effect on the natural world, and investigate and analyze environmental issues.

Lastly, we want to encourage teens to take individual and collective action towards addressing environmental challenges.

The project aims to create interest in the agricultural and environmental industry's among the new generation of youth by providing leadership initiatives, discussing opportunities in this field as well as offering solutions to problems that our society is presently facing.

As it is a pilot project, we will be assessing it throughout to determine it's effectiveness in educating and inspiring you people, and how we can make it sustainable on a long-term, larger scale.

Some of the topics to be covered in the various workshops, field days, etc. include local food, sustainable agriculture, different types of farming, nutrition, a look at the food supply, as well as resources in our area, discussion about creative solutions, and an attempt to look at these topics with a global perspective. Of course, in keeping with Canteen Destiny's vision of agriculture and the arts, there will be an effort to include art in this context.

We hope that this program can continue to grow and expand over the next few years, and that we can effectively meet our goals while providing a stimulating and captivating experience. The next step is to come to an agreement with a local school, and once that partnership is in place, the learning can begin!

If you would like to support us in any way in this program, whether through volunteering your time or expertise, or through prayer, or through other avenues, please contact us at your convenience.

We're so excited for the fall, and all of the new things coming our way! We hope that you'll follow our journey - be sure to stay tuned for updates and more information.

See you later, friends!

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