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Canteen Destiny? What?

A question that I've gotten a lot in the 8 months that I've worked here, is "what in the world does Canteen Destiny mean?". Well, if you've ever asked that question, you've come to the right place, because I'm going to tell you a little bit about the vision and history behind it.

Canteen Destiny is a sort of combination and short form for "Canadian Teens with Destiny". Canteen Destiny was registered as a non-profit charitable organization in 2011, and since then has run many camps, programs, and workshops for kids and teens. Canteen Destiny was created and is run by Candace Goud, who is the President of the organization, along with her husband John, who owns Our Father's Farm.

From the moment the Goud's moved onto the farm, they knew it was the perfect place for youth. Canteen Destiny was started in response to a dire need in the community - John and Candy

founded the organization because of their long-time involvement with local youth. Over the years, they had encountered children and youth who suffered the outcomes of major challenges ranging from living in poverty to delinquency. They witnessed the consequences , stress, and helplessness that many local youth face. Too many young people have fallen through the cracks in the school system and society which has left them with little opportunity and encouragement to realize their immense potential.

The Goud's noticed however, that when young people were given a chance to work on their organic farm and receive mentoring, they began to shine and their potential became evident. The Goud's realized that in many cases, youth required more than part-time coaching and contact; they needed an all-encompassing fresh start. COnsequently, they felt compelled to start Canteen Destiny, an organization focused on raising up a generation of young leaders who will fulfill their destiny!

There are huge dreams and visions for Canteen Destiny, and where it will head in the future. We're glad you're along for the ride!

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