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5 Fall Camping Tips

For many people, camping is exclusively a summer activity. However, fall can be a beautiful time to get away and spend time in the great outdoors too! In fact, I prefer the fall over the summer because I love the cool mornings and evenings. If you're thinking about trying out camping for the first time, or specifically for the first time in the fall, here's a few tips to help get you started!

1. Ensure you have the proper gear - fall camping may require more specialized gear than what you would need in the summer time due to different conditions and cooler weather.

2. Choose your campsite and set it up wisely - again, due to fall conditions, it's important to consider rain, wind, frost, and other things that may affect how and where your campsite should be set up.

3. Don't be afraid of fats and carbs! Both are great for keeping you full and warm and full of energy for the time you're outdoors.

4. Consider the conditions - we've already hinted at this one under a few categories; but check the radar before you leave for your camping trip! Know if there's rain (or even the white stuff) in the forecast, what windspeeds will be, and any other conditions that may be present in the environment you're heading in to.

5. Respect the things that are unique to fall! Things falling out of trees, the chance of snow, the change in wildlife activity, the lessened availability of wild edibles, the chance of frost and ice, etc. etc. etc.!

If you would like to learn about each of these things in further detail, or other considerations you should make, there's lots of great resources online! You can start here:

Thanks for reading! Leave us a comment if you have a fall camping trip you've found especially helpful!

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