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Summer Camp Reviews!

Hello faithful readers, and first time readers alike! So glad to have you both.

Now, I know summer camp probably seems but a distant memory at this point, but as we open up registration for our PA day camps (check it out, they're gonna be fun!), I thought I'd share some thoughts and reviews from kids we had out this summer!

One of the questions on a little survey we sent out was "What was your favourite activity?". This one was almost unanimously answered, with, you guessed it, horseback riding! However there was also one vote for bubble soccer, and one for outside time in general. Looks like we'll be keeping riding around! The trampoline, tire swing, and hammocks were definitely also a big hit. We saw lots of kids exchanging phone numbers at the end of the week, and taking to heart some of the lessons we learned throughout the week, so for us it appeared to be successful as well!

The next question was "What was your least favourite activity?". Turns out there were a few who didn't like craft time - but who can blame them when they just want to be out doors? It's a nice option for those who enjoy crafts, but really just a bore for those who don't. We're glad some of you enjoyed them though, and we'll have to have even better crafts in the future! We had one person who said they didn't like the snacks (I know, GASP!). My favourite part of the day is eating. Oh well, maybe they were just too healthy for them.

We're taking your thoughts and opinions to heart, kiddos and parents, and want to create the best experiences for you! If you didn't get a chance to respond to our survey, give me a shout and I can send you the link, or comment here!

Overall, we got very high ratings on enjoyment level, value for the cost of the camp, and many said they would recommend camp to a friend. Recommend away folks, we've got PA day camps coming up on November 3rd and December 1st. It will be like a compact, fall/winter version of our summer camps, and costs only $35.00 per kid! Get more info on our "fall programs" page.

Thanks for reading my quick recap, and we hope to see you out at the farm sometime this fall!

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