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Life Skills: Boiling Stuff

Welcome to the first blog in our "Life Skills" series! Yet another random invention from the mind of Alanah you might say - but wait, is it random? Part of Canteen Destiny's vision is to "equip teens and launch them into the world to fulfill their destiny" (that's the Palmer Paraphrase version).

Not only do we want to equip teens in the more emotional, mental, and spiritual senses (character development, leaderships skills, teamwork ability), we also want them to be prepared for the practical, physical things too.

So no, I wasn't kidding in the this post I am really going to teach you how to boil water. I once had a friend (well, she's still my friend, but she's learned lots since then) who came to University and actually had to google how to boil water. Now folks, I think if kids these days aren't learning how to do that, maybe they should somewhere along the way, preferably before they're living on their own in University.

I don't know how many of you who read this are actually teens, but if you're not, forward it on to a teen who could use it! The series will have a variety of things; from boiling water, to surviving a night in the wilderness, to first aid tricks, and sewing on a button.

Now! To the matter at hand. Here is the step by step process of boiling a pot of water so that you may cook a wide variety of delectable dishes.

1. Fill a pot with water - but not all the way! Otherwise it will boil over, so give it some space. A good rule of thumb is to fill the pot half to three quarters of the way full.

2. Place a lid on top. This step is not mandatory, but your water will boil a lot faster if it's covered.

3. Next, place it on the stove burner - you should place it on the burner that is closest to the size of the pot (the small burner for a small pot, the large burner for a large pot etc.).

4. Here's where a lot of people get high a temperature do you turn the stove on to? For just boiling water, you can turn it all the way up! Once there is food in the pot I would recommend not having it that high as it will boil over and make a mess, and potentially burn your food, but if you're boiling just water before there is food in it, anything is game. Too low though, and it will take FOREVER to come to a boil - or just won't.

Once it's boiled, you can add your food of choice, make tea, or do whatever it is you want to do with it!

There you have it! Life skills part 1; success!

Let us know if you found this blog post helpful - or if you have any great stories about you or others and their kitchen fails!

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