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Where to Find Organic Produce in Hamilton

On the tails of my last post containing summer recipes, I thought I'd give you a hand if you're looking for places to buy each of the ingredients locally and organically if you live in the Hamilton area. There's quite a few places to find organic meat, produce, and other products, you just have to know where to look. Or use Google. That's my go to for everything. How do you think I made it through 4 years of University?!

Again, prepare yourselves for my addiction to lists to rear it's head below:

1. Beechwood Farm - offers grass raised, organically produced beef. Located in Ancaster, and open year round! They ask that you call ahead to place your order.

2. Farm Fresh Country Market - pesticide-free, organic methods & certified organics. Their goal is to move towards chemical-free produce to support our growers, not compromising the quality. Offer fruits, vegetables, herbs, honey, juices, fudge, seasonal baskets and decor, as well as seeds.

3. Fenwood Farm - their claim to fame is certified organic poultry. They also have other meats, seasonal produce, eggs, emu oil products, and more.

4. Heart's Content Organic Farmstead - sell organic vegetables and eggs, as well as renting out garden shares to the public!

5. ManoRun Organic Farm - they sell 'their own' organic produce (vegetables, herbs, and meat too!) through Community Supported Agriculture and farmers markets. They have several locations at different times of year.

6. Morden's Organic Farm Market - Sixth generation organic farm that grows certified organic produce as well as both organic and wild meats. They offer other products grown on the farm, and will take you for a tour of the garden!

7. Plan B Organic Farms - a Certified Organic multi-farm Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) group. They sell fruit, vegetables, asian vegetables, and herbs!

8. Simpler Thyme Organic Farm - "Homegrown diversity is our specialty!" You can shop right at the farm, or produce is also delivered to depots all over the GHA/GTA. They also carry asian vegetables, and fruit, herbs, eggs, honey, and maple syrup.

9. Walden Farm - Naturally-raised premium Angus beef. Hormone free, and all grown on the farm. The farm does not have a store, but you can contact them to order quarter or half portions of beef. They do sell meats at a few places such as Denningers! Contact them for more info.

10. Wes' Place - another farm offering Certified Organic products! They also have pick your own, and it is a family run farm with the added bonus of one family being a Doctor of Naturopathic medicine! They sell rhubarb, a variety of vegetables, herbs, honey, and other organic products.

And of course....there's US!

11. Our Father's Farm - We are a year 'round farm store specializing in organic meats, eggs, vegetables and apricot kernels. We also offer Hallelujah Acres products, Metagenics health supplements, and books on various health related topics.

Thanks for reading! Hope this helped point you in the right direction for finding good, local food.

See you at the store!

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