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Meet the Animals of Our Father's Farm!

This post is just for fun. And so we can show off our adorable goats and beautiful new horse! Oh yeah, and the chickens too--the breadwinners of the bunch with their organic, fresh eggs!

Check out the gallery below to see some pictures of them all:

This is Charlie, our newest addition! He's a sweet, gentle thoroughbred, around 15hh. He just celebrated his 24th birthday earlier in May (he's the same age as me!), and had a career as a show horse and jumper before he was retired in January. Now he'll be a spoiled retiree here at the farm, taking some rides around the arena and the trails with us and our programs this summer! Special thanks to his lovely mom Marissa, who gave him to us to look after and love--say hi if you see her around the farm!

Next up, the goats! Their story is a little less exciting...they don't really have names, a couple get milked, but other than that they live a peaceful existence munching on grass and escaping at every opportunity.

And last, but not least, here's some pictures of our chickens. Unfortunately we don't have cute little baby ones, but these ones are pretty cool to look at too.

Hopefully we'll soon be adding some sheep to the ranks too. We'll let you know when that happens - who can resist a cute woolly sheep?

If you'd like to meet them, come out this Saturday to our open house, anytime from 11am to 4pm. There will be lots of great stuff going on and all our new friends would love to meet you! If you can't make it Saturday, let us know when you'd like to come and we'll work something out.

Welcome Charlie!

P.S. We have 3 more friends of the equestrian persuasion that joined us this week too! I'll be adding some pictures of them soon.

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