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A Guide to Summer Programs for Teens

Whether it’s a sleep away camp, overnight pre-college program, or a local day camp, participating in a summer program is one of the best ways for teens to make new friends, pursue new interests, and improve social skills. Summer programs are often focused on a variety of study areas and can help in developing exceptional skills for students who are curious about life and pursuing different hobbies.

These one-of-a-kind programs also hone and polish the basic skills teens might have. For instance, teens that have interests in music, photography, and acrobats may be able to improve themselves in the field. Do you plan on sending your teen off for a summer program, but don’t know which one would be a good option? If so, then take a look below to learn about the best summer programs for teens.


There are many schools, colleges, and companies that promote agricultural summer programs for teens. Typically, teens learn how to actively participate in agricultural activities, while also engaging in community discussions regarding problems and issues that may arise in the agriculture field. Additionally, teens will also learn how to preserve wildlife habitats, build a play structure for another camp, and help local farmers harvest hay before a summer rain storm.

Apart from this, teens who are more interested in agriculture may pursue a more advanced summer program, which involves pouring a concrete floor, chopping wood, making cheese, building a new trail, picking scarlet runner beans, milking a cow, cooking a meal, making jam from fresh strawberries, and building a cabin. You may also learn and experience other farm work and responsibilities.


For teens who are interested in photography, a summer program is the best way to hone their skills. There are plenty of schools and colleges that offer programs in digital photography to help teens improve their skills. In the most basic programs, students learn about aesthetics and portfolio development, along with web publishing, light room, Photoshop, fine art photography, traditional photography, documentary, photo journalism, and portrait photography.

In other more advanced programs, teens are introduced to various skills and strategies that make it easier for them to capture that perfect shot. This may involve thorough and rigorous studies on manipulating light for excellent pictures and learning about the technical workings of their cameras to gain a more critical eye. Teens also learn to think about the way stories and emotions can be portrayed through photographs, along with accurate lighting, framing, and composition.


If your teenage kids have interests in being fit and staying active, you can have them enrolled in a summer gymnastics program. In these programs, teens learn about gymnastics skills with training and fun lessons and activities. Practical lessons will teach kids fundamental skills regarding strength, balance, and clarity. These lessons are conducted on ropes, trampolines, rings, vaults, beams, bars, and other apparatus that can be found in almost any gymnastic center.

Some of the skills that teens may develop include learning to perform flips and back hip circles, front/back flips, and walkovers. For those who seek to improve further, teachers may also train teens higher skill levels of advanced balance, back flips, and giant swings. Teens are placed in an appropriate group with a knowledgeable and experienced instructor who will guide them regarding conditioning, warm-ups, and free play.

Music Lessons

Music summer programs for teens provide development in music performances for all sorts of talents. This involves teens who are good at playing a certain instrument or are excellent singers. Typically, teens will experience playing at the professional level – all the way from composing their own songs (workshops regarding writing lyrics and creating music) to music video production and everything that comes in between.

Teens will record, write or arrange and perform their music. This guarantees that they leave equipped, inspired and transformed to drive their music career forward. So, don’t hesitate on sending your teen to a summer music program to create songs with students from all over the world who share the same passion.


Archery summer programs for teens offers both compound and recurve archers the opportunity to learn a range of proper shooting and safe techniques in an environment that promotes team building, focus, and increased self-confidence skills. Teens will receive appropriate training for the fundamentals of safety in archery skills. They will also learn about the mental aspect of the sport, prepare goals, and use their skills in a positive outlook.

So, now that you are familiar with the summer programs mentioned above, choosing one for the teenager in your home won’t be a problem.

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