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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Archery Ag Tag safe to play?

Of course! Only our equipment is allowed on the playing field and it's condition is monitored to ensure that the arrow's foam tip is in place, making it virtually painless to be hit with. Protective face masks are provided, and game officials will ensure that all rules are being followed during the games. 

What should I wear?

Please wear running shoes, or something sturdy with closed toes that you will be able to move around the outdoor course in safely; please no flip-flops, sandals, etc. Shorts, t-shirts, or other loose fitting clothing is recommended as you will be able to move the best in them. To avoid injury we also recommend removing all jewelry before beginning the game. 

I have never done any type of archery before; is this game suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! No experience is necessary. Each player will be taught how to correctly use their bow and arrows, and will be given some practice time at the range before beginning a game. 

Archery Attack is a non-profit event--so where does your money go?

  • 50% toward missions trip fund

  • 25% toward repayment of supplies until it’s paid and then it goes toward purchasing more equipment

  • 15% toward building structures and maintaining equipment/structures

  • 10% advertising, insurance

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