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Covid Restrictions

Please wear a mask

Please social distance

Please wash hands

If you don't feel well please stay home

Please limit your time to 15-45 minutes so everyone can enjoy 

As part of the essential service of a farm, we will be offering a food bank service on Saturday, December 19th 


During this pandemic, some local food pantries have seen up to triple the usual amount of neighbors in need. 

Food support is vital to our neighbors in the Flamborough/lHamilton area and we will be collecting food donations as well as coats, warm mittens, hats and blankets


This is a give or take service.  If you need food please come to the farm and receive a family food package that you can take home.  


If you are able to donate, we welcome you to do so.  We will be donating all the food and clothing that is collected to the Kingsway Blessing Centre, downtown Hamilton.




As part of the Hamilton Covid Guidelines, we encourage 

Washing of hands

Wearing masks when you are not social distancing

And If you have any COVID-19 symptoms or are not feeling well, please stay home and ask someone else to pick up your food for you.

We will have a rotating service to keep our numbers within the guidelines.


For the rotating service please limit your stay to 15 to 45 minutes (depending on the turn out) so that we can accommodate everyone who shows up.




If the number of people are more than the allowable guidelines here is how we will implement the safe event plan:

  • We will take your cell phone number and ask you to wait either in your car or down the road at the local Tim Horton’s

  • We will text you when we can receive you at the farm, we will aim to text within 30 minutes so that we can accommodate everyone.

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