Robert Difrancesco:

Robert is an elementary school teacher by profession, he is passionate about educating the young in an experiential way. He teaches music, agriculture and languages, with guitar and keyboard being his specialties.  Teens will discover how to play songs using basic chords.  When it comes to Outdoor Survival - Robert is the go-to-guy to find out about wild edibles and distinguishing between plants you can consume and poisonous ones.  He also has a gift with words,  as he teaches how to transform English to Spanish or French, expressions and incorporating engaging activities to bring these languages to life in the young.

Alanah Palmer:
Alanah is a recent university graduate, having earned a B.Sc. in Biology with a second major in Psychology. She grew up on a farm, but has also lived abroad in Africa, and traveled to over 10 countries throughout her life. She is excited to be heading up one of Canteen Destiny’s newest projects; a program based on local food, organic farming, and sustainable agriculture as a whole. Having always had a passion to help people live fulfilling and healthy lives, Alanah is looking forward to mixing that passion with her background in agriculture and science to help teens understand their food, their environment, and the intimate role that they play in nutrition and health. Of course, she's always down for a little (or a lot) of fun too, and enjoys hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, swimming, fishing, and adventures of all sorts.  
Carl Sarfi:

Carl is a second degree black belt instructor and founder of Urban Survival Boot Camp, He designed a customized workshop for Canteen Destiny, not to teach martial arts, but rather a practical approach to personal safety with an emphasis on awareness, threat level assessment and action that diffuses or escapes potentially dangerous situations.  Carl's deepest concern is for the protection of those who are most vulnerable to the increasing violence within our society.  As we know, police aren't bodyguards who can protect you on the spot.  They typically follow up after a violent crime has been committed which unfortunately is too late for the victims of violent crime. This urban survival boot camp helps educate and equip youth, young adults and the vulnerable with the knowledge and skills to escape potential harm whether they're in high-schools, universities, the workplace or the streets.

Alyssa Woudstra:

Alyssa has a B.A. in Arts majoring in English, History and Social Justice and also worked as a Teacher’s Assistant.  Her passion for travel led her to The Americas and Africa where she taught English Literature. She also studied and practiced Spanish in South America. She is musically inclined and enjoys playing the piano, flute, saxaphone and can definitely sing for her supper!  She will be teaching Spanish at Canteen Destiny and is the friendly face you will meet when you arrive at our beautiful organic farm property. 

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