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Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is played the same way as traditional soccer, except the players are all enclosed in an inflated plastic "bubble"! The bubbles come equipped with shoulder harnesses and handles, so the player can safely move without sliding out of the ball. They are soft, so as you run and bump others or fall, you'll have a blast and come out unharmed! 

Bubble soccer can be added to any Archery Ag Tag package, or played on it's own (up to 6 players at a time). See below for pricing, and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Add Bubble Soccer mini match to any game: $10.00 per person, 15 minute game.

Bubble Soccer full match: Includes two 20-minute games with a 5-minute break in the middle for up to 6 players (3 players per team). "Bubbles" and soccer balls are provided. $20.00 per person. 

Click here to book your slot!

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