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Archery Attack Parties!

Fun and Unforgettable Birthday Parties!

Various packages available to suit your needs.


*** All prices include HST***

Birthday Party Packages:



Includes 90-150 minutes (dependent on package) of  fun (including instruction +1 hour party room), pizza & drinks (bring your own cake or we can supply it for an additional cost)

Bronze Party

90 minutes of play time for 4 to 6 people





Gold Party

90 minutes of play time for 7 to 10 people




Platinum Party

Extra time! 2.5 hours of fun + 1 hour party room. 11 to 16 players on rotating teams every 15 or 30 minutes - 6 per team. Also includes bubble soccer mini match with 2 teams of 3


Bronze Birthday Party
1 hr 30 min
90 minutes of play time for 7-10 people + party room and pizza (cake extra)
Gold Birthday Party
1 hr 30 min
2.5 hours of play for 11-16 people. Includes 30 minutes of bubble soccer mini match (2 teams of 3) + one hour party room and pizza (cake extra)
Platinum Birthday Party
2 hr 30 min

Bubble Soccer:

Includes two 20-minute games with a 5-minute break in the 

middle for up to 6 players (3 players per team). "Bubbles" and soccer balls are provided.




Bring your own food and rent a party room                                                      $50.00/hour


Birthday cake (your choice of flavour!)                                                                $50.00


Add mini match bubble soccer for 2 or 4 people (15 minute games)            $10.00/person


Additional people (at the door)                                                                             $25.00


Extra game time                                                                                                       $125.00/hour

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Once you've booked your time slot, please fill out our electronic waiver here to expedite the sign in process once you arrive at the farm.

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